The Coast Community Health Center Patient Portal helps you manage your health and wellness goals with convenient, secure access on the web.

New Patients Welcome

Interested in becoming a patient?

Visit our New Patient Page to download a New Patient Packet for adult or pediatric care.

Or call us to request a New Patient Packet be mailed to your address.

Established Patients

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  • Get Started– Electronic Health Record Patient Portal

    Use your Patient Portal, or MyChart mobile app, to see your medical records and check in with our care team.

    Coast Community Health patients can activate an account any time. Call or visit our clinic to activate your account.

    The portal is a helpful, secure communication tool in managing your health and wellness goals. If you’ve already activated your Patient Portal-MyChart account, you can log in any time. Or, call patient services staff to get started.

    If you have an immediate concern, please call us.

    Communication through the Patient Portal-MyChart is not intended for immediate contact. Please allow up to two business days for a reply to any messages or requests you send using the Portal.

  • Using Your Patient Portal

    As a patient, you can

      • Update your medical history on-line
      • Request appointments
      • Send messages to your provider
      • See lab results
      • See prescription medications
      • View current and past account statements
      • Find patient education materials

    Your care team can

      • Securely communicate with you
      • View your medical history
      • Share lab and imaging results
      • Send appointment reminders
      • Upload patient consent forms
      • Share your personalized patient education materials

  • Patient Portal FAQs

    Patient privacy is a priority at Coast Community Health Center. Your patient information is encrypted and stored electronically via secure servers. Information can only be accessed by qualified medical staff.

    Does the Patient Portal meet HIPAA requirements?

    Yes, Coast Community Health Center and eClinicalWorks participate with state and federal agencies to meet all legal regulations to safeguard your medical privacy in our clinic and on the web.

    Can I use the Patient Portal to contact the clinic in an emergency?

    Patients should call 911 in an emergency. If you have an urgent, but non-emergency request during business hours, call the clinic. We will schedule your appointment as soon as possible.

    You should allow up to 2 business days for a reply when you send messages using the portal.

    Why do I have to answer questions I've already answered in early paper versions of health forms?

    We have updated our online and paper registration packets. Activating your Patient Portal account is a good opportunity for you to confirm or add information to your Personal Health Record.

    Why aren't all the tools in the Patient Portal active?

    Coast Community Health Center is activating the Patient Portal in stages to ensure each feature functions efficiently.

    Can my provider share EHR information with other health professionals?

    Yes, sharing up to date medical history with other members of your health and wellness community is part of what makes Electronic Health Record systems worthwhile. However, your information will not be shared without your consent.

    Why don't I see my provider's message in my email?

    You can receive email alerts when your provider updates your electronic patient record. Just log in to the secure portal to review changes or read provider messages.

    What if I forget my user name or password?

    Use the “Can’t access my account” link on the portal log-in page.

    What if I move to a new address, or change my phone number or email account?

    You can update contact information at any time. Log in and visit My Account > Personal Information in the left column Patient Portal dashboard.

    Or, call or stop by Coast Community Health Center and speak with a patient services representative.

  • Access and Security

    It is each patient’s responsibility to maintain privacy.

    Here are a few recommendations for using the Patient Portal on your computer or mobile phone.

      • Choose a unique password that you do not use for other online accounts.
      • Keep your password private and do not store your password in your internet browser keychain.
      • Log into Patient Portal when you are connected to a secure internet connection.

  • Trouble-Shooting

    Trouble logging in?

    Use the “Can’t access my account” link on the Patient Portal log-in page.

    Trouble navigating the Patient Portal site?

    Click the “Help” button, (top left), and search or select from the Help contents menu.

    Other questions?

    Call or stop by Coast Community Health Center and speak with our patient services representatives.