Our Calendar

Healthcare Awareness Days

January 11th 

International Thank You Day

Don’t forget to thank your favorite people on International Thank You Day!

January 12th

National Pharmacist Day

Remember to give extra thanks to your pharmacist on National Pharmacist Day!

February 20th

Leadership Appreciation Day

Give extra appreciation to your leaders on Leadership Appreciation Day! 

March 1st

Employee Appreciation Day

Shoot an extra smile to your employees on Employee Appreciation Day! 

March 8th

International Women’s Day

Remember to appreciate those hard working women in your life on International Women’s Day!

March 19th

Social Work Day

Give extra love and thanks to those people doing the hard work, on Social Work Day! 

March 30th

Doctor’s Day

Make sure to give extra appreciation and care to your Doctor on Doctor’s Day! 

April 18th-24th

Health Information Management Professionals Week

Use this week to celebrate those special individuals who keep your medical records safe! 

April 24th

Administrative Professionals Day

Give extra thanks to those hard working individuals who keep your offices running smoothly, like administrative assistants.

May 6th-12th 

Nurse’s Week 

Remember to give extra thanks to the nurses who care for you during Nurse’s Week! 

May 8th 

Receptionists Day 

Give an extra thank you and smile to our Patient Services Representatives when you check in on Receptionists Day! 

August 4th-10th 

National Health Center Week

Stop in for your appointment with a smile and gratitude during National Health Center Week! Our dedicated staff are passionate about providing care to their community and we look up to them!