We are Your Primary Care Home

As a Patient Centered Medical Home, our most important care team member is you!

Our patients are active partners in making decisions and setting health goals.

Your health care team includes medical clinicians, behavioral health specialists, care managers, pharmacists, outreach workers and more.

We welcome your health care questions.


We help parents to keep their children healthy. We encourage healthy kids to stay well and help them get better faster when they’re sick.

Regular well child visits can help children and adolescents get the most out of play, study, exploration and growth. Information shared between teens and health providers is confidential.


Adults and seniors will find personal care and support for prevention, detection and management of health concerns.

Regular wellness exams, and follow-up visits when needed, help you and your care team plan health goals so you can live well and do what you love.

Health Services from Birth to Advanced Age

Our care team supports your health and wellbeing. We get to know you, your lifestyle and needs.

Annual wellness exams
Well child exams with sports physicals
Work physicals
Lab services
Seasonal illness
Same day or next day appointments
Behavioral health
Chronic conditions
Confidential reproductive health education

Pap smears and gynecological exams
Period-related symptoms
Peri-menopause and menopausal life changes
Osteoporosis management and thyroid evaluation
Pregnancy testing
Emergency contraception
Condom distribution
Prostate cancer screening
STD/STI and hepatitis

Mental Health Services

We want you to enjoy full, productive lives, with healthy bodies and minds.

Mental health screening is part of annual wellness exams for adults and children. And, you can take advantage of education and training to help manage and improve your mental wellbeing.

If chronic health conditions are impacting your mental health, talk with your care team.

Our patient centered health care options include mental health care, substance abuse care and health behavior change with attention to your family and lifestyle.

Same Day Appointments

Same day or next day appointments are available for patients with acute health needs.

Remember to schedule your annual physical and well child exams in advance, and let us know if you need to reschedule.

After Hours Access to Care

Getting help after the clinic is closed is easy!

Just call the clinic: 541-347-2529

You will reach a health care professional who can address your questions, or your family’s concerns, with tried-and-true advice.

Remember, if you have a life threatening emergency, call 9-1-1, or go immediately to the closest emergency room.

Pharmacy Services

Did you know? Our in-house 340B pharmacy provides prescriptions at a reduced cost by passing rebates from pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Patients receive the quality services of an experienced pharmacy director and saving money on prescriptions.

Visit our Pharmacy page to learn more.

Referrals and Programs

When needed, your provider can provide referrals for specialty care. And, our care team can help you discover a variety of local services and cost-saving resources to help you meet your wellness goals.

Medical Referrals

Vision and eye care
Dental care
Medical specialists
Physical Therapy
Colposcopy services
Behavioral and mental health

Programs and Assistive Services

VFC, reduced cost vaccinations for children
Dental assistance
CCare, reduced cost reproductive health program
Health Insurance Enrollment
Sliding Fee Discount Program
Connect patients to local resources

Learn more on our Programs page.