Coast Community Health Center’s Home Telehealth Quick-Start Tips:

If this is your first time, or you do not have Zoom already downloaded on the device you plan to use for your appointment, we recommend downloading the application ahead of time.

If using a mobile, you’ll want to enter your app store. Below are the icons for Apple and Android devices:

For iPhone:

For Android:

This is what it should look like in each app store (may vary slightly):



Once Zoom is downloaded on your phone, that is all you need to do until the time of your appointment.

For details on what to do at that time, scroll down to the Appointment Day section.
You can also access these instructions at the time of the appointment if needed.

If using a laptop, desktop, or tablet (without an app store) – open your internet browser.
The most common browsers are:






Once you have your browser open, in the top bar, type in, and go (press Enter key):

This should take you to the Download Center. Ignore everything except for Zoom Client for Meetings:

Once the download begins, in most cases you’ll see the file at the bottom of the internet window:

But if you are using Safari, you should find it at the top right of the window:

The file is now downloaded. Next, we need to install the program on your device.
Open the file (click on the download) to begin. You may be prompted to run the file:

Zoom will then install. You will likely see some iteration of the install bar pictured below:

Once installed, the program will probably open on its own:

You can close it out as there is no further action required until the appointment.

Appointment Day

Zoom appointment invitations will typically go out 24 hours ahead of the scheduled appointment. With exception of Monday appointments, wherein reminders go out the Friday before.

If you are using a mobile phone, open your email inbox there. Locate the invitation, and click on the meeting link

Doing this will automatically open the zoom application on your phone and begin the meeting.

If using a laptop or desktop you will likely be prompted to open the previously installed program:

If you join the meeting before the host (the Medical Assistance or Provider) you will see a message indicating it is waiting for the host to begin the meeting. That is normal.

Simply wait for the meeting to start, and you will be automatically placed in the waiting room where it will advise the host will let you in soon.

Once you are admitted to the meeting from the waiting room, you should see and hear the Medical
Assistant or the Provider.

If they cannot see or hear you – you will need to turn on your microphone and / or start the video. The icons will look similar and be in roughly the same location on all devices –

The bottom of the Zoom window

If the icon is red, has a red X near it, has a red slash going through it (or any combination) press the icon with your finger (if touch screen) or mouse.
If it is the microphone, Call via Device Audio

If it is the video, press the icon itself to turn it on

iPhones or Apple devices may have a permissions prompt to access your microphone and / or camera.
Grant the permissions as without them the application cannot use these features.

At this point, you should be able to see and hear the Medical Assistance or Provider, and they should be able to see and hear you.

If there is any trouble with this process, you will have help from the Medical Assistance, Provider, or Telehealth staff as needed.