Hank shotCoast Community Staff and one willing volunteer played hard in a 4 on 4 basketball tournament sponsored by Coos Health and Wellness, this spring.  The tournament, hosted at the Salvation Army gym, was also a canned food drive to benefit the host.  Competition was fierce, but all in good fun.

In addition to the Coast Community team, teams were represented by Coos Health and Wellness as well as Aging and People with Disabilities.  Participants and spectators alike paid for their entrance with canned goods, filling more than 3 twenty gallon trash bins!  Linda shot“Even though we lost, it was a great opportunity for all the non-profit organizations that serve the under-served populations to come together, let our shoulders down and have some fun.  It felt really good just to be together.”  -Monica Alexander, participant.

Coast Community Health Center works regularly with community partners, such as Coos Health and Wellness, or Aging and People with Disabilities, to assist patients and non patients connect with resources they need within the area.  If you, or someone you know needs assistance with anything from nutrition information to clothing or housing, please visit our Outreach Page to find out how Coast Community Health Center Outreach workers can connect you with tools or partners on the Southern Oregon Coast.

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