Kirstin Aasen Coast Community Health Center

Title: Population Health manager

Education: Bachelor of Special Education, Gonzaga University 2014, Bachelor of Biology, Gonzaga University 2014, Master of Biomedical Science, specialization in Nutrition, University of Auckland 2018
License and Certification: Certified Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer

Expertise and Background: Kirsten Aasen MSc is a Health Coach and Outreach worker with a background in education and social determinants of health work. She has a passion for health living through lifestyle medication and preventative care. Promoting healthy lifestyle through education is a priority for Kirsten. While living in New Zealand she focused on Garden to Table programs and family education to help increase health outcomes of children in low income areas. She discovered her passion for working with underserved communities while running a mentoring program for at risk youth; the children with physical outlets and quality nutrition did the best at school and in subsequent endeavors.

Kirsten spent her childhood in Montana and later lived abroad for seven years. She is an enthusiastic cyclist and enjoys the wide range of options for outdoor activities in the area.

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